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2020 – What was that?!

Unprecedented. Bonkers. Extreme. This year has been one for the history books for sure. Covid-19 has had such a sweeping impact globally, I don’t think we’ve quite figured out what things will look like if/when we finally have it under control. It’s been really interesting to see both the macro …

Measuring Quality in Software

“If you n’t measure it, you n’t improve it.” – Peter Drucker “Testing gathers information about a product; it does not fix …

2019 – that’s a wrap!

Every year, I wonder if this year will be a quiet one. A year of contemplation, organizing, deepening. This was definitely NOT …

Why I Network

To the surprise of few who know me relatively well, I’m something of an introvert. This isn’t to say I don’t enjoy …

It’s the little things

Had an interesting experience today that seems instructive. I’ve been considering doing some training, to work towards getting the AWS Solutions Architect …

In Praise of the Generalist

Last week, I had the opportunity and privilege of speaking to the monthly meeting of the Kitchener-Waterloo Software Quality Association. It’s something …

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